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A practical history of the American Musical

There is great power in the knowledge of what has come before us.

There is great power in the knowledge of what has come before us. Approximately four times a year, Klea teaches a Master Class based on her belief that a working knowledge of our uniquely American musical theatre art form can propel you into the future. The songs and styles that filled the 20th Century with so many colorful and unique theatrical personalities can provide a firm foundation for your own incredibly personal performance style. The  “Old School” songs that sprung from the ‘20’s, ‘30’s, ‘40’s and ‘50’s are indelible. Through the study of why they are indelible we learn the components of a great song and discover the means to deliver a powerful vocal performance. The class is one part history lesson, one part study of the voice itself and one part performance. It is open to professionals who would like to head back to school in an entertaining way, as well as happy amateurs who would like to improve their vocal technique in a fun environment. Each session has ten participants and auditors are welcome.



We meet once a week for four weeks. We’ll talk anatomy, artistry and what it takes to give an audience goose-bumps. You’ll come away with 2 new-to-you Old School songs assigned by Klea, an awareness of what you can do on your own to fix vocal problems, gain a new respect for diction and a few Old School tricks along the way.



Klea is an old school belter, but has taken that natural quality and brought it into the 21st Century.  A student of Jo Estill, Klea learned to talk about singing from both a physiological and interpretive point of view. Klea has conducted master classes in high schools, colleges and universities in many of the cities in which she visits and works - just ask if you’d like a version of Klea’s Old School to come to you. She’s also available for private coaching.



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