Klea Blackhurst

Dolly Gallagher Levi in



Hello, Dolly!   ran from June 28 through September 14, 2013 at Goodspeed Opera House

Direction by daniel goldstein




“She's a lovely lady, with an innate sense of humor who has a powerhouse voice… a great Dolly is someone who knows how to take over a stage. We have that with Klea.”



“When Horace Vandergelder closes Hello, Dolly!   by exclaiming, “Wonderful woman!” we have to agree with him. And thanks to Ms. Blackhurst, we do — it takes someone with her innate aplomb to chow down on corn on the cob in elbow-length white gloves without looking ridiculous.”

Sylviane Gold, The New York Times

“She understands a kind of out there performance and performing that isn’t done very much these days because there aren’t a lot of people who know how to do it.  She seems to be game for anything and up for anything and I will always admire a performer like that.”

Ted Chapin


“Blackhurst has a flair for an effortless, dead-pan delivery… This is the most beautifully created Dolly I have ever seen. ”



“I can’t recommend the show enough. Go to any lengths to see it. Can’t afford it? Rob a bank. No transportation to get there? Ride a bike. No tickets available? Tackle the nice elderly woman in front of you and take her ticket.  I’m telling you, it’s worth it. Klea Blackhurst steers the ship like only the greatest of Dolly Levis could. … she’s a perfect mix of brass, sass and just a hint of eloquence. Still, she’s not afraid to stop the show for a good ten minutes, just to allow the audience to gape (and laugh uproariously) as she scarfs down a colossal dinner. Her comedic timing is spot on.”