Klea Blackhurst



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Gypsy  opened January 26, 2012 at the Drury Lane Oakbrook just outside Chicago, IL.

Directed by William Osetek + choreography by Tammy Mader





"If you like your Mamas Rose to be of the old school — the Ethel Merman type of stage mother, you might say, as distinct from the more nuanced, needy, or psychologically revisionist kinds of Mama — then Klea Blackhurst's classic interpretation of the greatest character in that musical masterpiece "Gypsy" will be your kind of Mama. The orchestra has rarely sounded louder at the Drury Lane Theatre. But neither brass nor wind nor errant cell phones are anything close to a match for Blackhurst's wide pipes, which belt out those Jule Styne tunes and perfect Stephen Sondheim lyrics with enough force, mastery and sheer force of will to blow half the traffic on the Eisenhower Expressway back to the city from which it ventured. Gimmicks are one thing; this kind of technique is another. "

Chris Jones 

Chicago Tribune   |  January 27, 2012 


"…sung with pure heart and soul by the wonderful Klea Blackhurst. What a voice! What range!. Ladies and gentleman; no matter who you have seen in this role ( Ethel Merman, Rosalind Russell,Patti LuPone or Bette Middler) she is a combination of all of these strong ladies of the theater and yet, her demeanor is even more stage mother than the others; you really feel that she wants her June to have the success she dreamed about! Bravo  Ms Blackhurst. "

Alan Bresloff

Around the Town Chicago  \   January 27, 2012 

"There are few roles in theatre that have become more iconic than that of Mama Rose in Gypsy. Considered one of the greatest roles ever written, it has played by almost every major Broadway powerhouse... Yes, there is always someone to compare the interpretation to. Well, Mama Rose lives in an incarnation all her own, thanks to the incredible Klea Blackhurst who gives an all out, take no prisoners approach to the ultimate stage mother….Ms. Blackhurst commands this production. She knows where she is going to take her character and everyone else in the cast gets on board for the ride. Her voice is crisp, clear, melodic and powerful. "

Michael J. Roberts 

Chicago Pride